Bollinger La Grande Année 2000 Vintage


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Bollinger La Grande Année 2000 Vintage 

La Grande Année 2000 is Blooingers expression of this outstanding vintage. 

Pinot Noir 63%

Chardonnay 37%

 First fermentation is small oak casks. Second fermentation occurs in bottle under natural cork sealed in the traditional method. 

Minimum ageing of 5 years

Riddling and disgorgement is entirely by hand, the wine is then rested from a further 3 months before leaving Champagne Bollinger. 

La Grande Année is the embodiment of the carefully preserved traditional expertise of the Bollinger Champagne House. The wine is therefore exclusively vinified in small aged oak barrels. Champagne Bollinger has never abandoned this traditional craft method, which helps develop aromas of great finesse. After a prolonged ageing on its lees, even today every bottle of La Grande Année is riddled and disgorged by hand. 

These are vintage products and have some ware and tear to the boxes. Bottled from a private cellar with excellent ageing conditions. Seal and cork in excellent condition.