Bruichladdich Yellow Submarine 1991 WMD III


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Bruichladdich Yellow Submarine 1991 WMD III

Cask Types: Refill Sherry, Bourdon & Spanish Red Wine

Bottled Strength: 46% Abv

Distilled: 1991

Bottled: 2018

Bottle: 1076 of 1991 

Aged: 25-Year-old - stated on the bottle although our calculations say 27 years old…

Bottle Size: 70cl


"The Legend Resurfaces."

This strictly limited bottling of Bruichladdich is the 3rd in a series of WMD’s that has been release to commerate a local Islay fisherman finding a mysterious yellow submarine

This is a limited edition bottling of Bruichladdich, the third in a series released to commemorate the finding of a small yellow submarine on Islay which apparently belonged to the Ministry of Defence.

As with the second release, this is a 1991 vintage, this time aged an impressive 25 years.