The Cheese Board


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The Cheese Board 

Supplied by I.J Mellis and cut by The Strong Water Co.



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100gram of each cheese.

Baron Bigod - A soft and buttery raw milk brie style cheese from Fen Farm Dairy in Sussex, England. Mild and creamy this is perfect with a sweet chutney or fruity condiment.

Alp Blossom - It has a beautifully creamy and nutty flavour with a spicy and floral finish. The flowers add a great texture and a better taste. Made with pasteurised cow’s milk and traditional rennet.

Stilton - Stilton is known as the King of Cheeses and when you taste Colston Bassett’s version you understand why. Creamy in texture, the blue is strong and salty while the cheese has a mellow and aromatic finish.

Comté  Aged 22 Months- Comté has a creamy texture with occasional crystals, sweet and nutty to savoury and vegetal flavours.


  • Membrillo ( Quince Jelly)
  • A packet of Duncan's of Deeside Oatcakes 


Milk, Lactose, Egg, Oatmeal, Wheat, Barley, Soya, Nuts


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