Costa & Pampa Sauvignon Blanc

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Costa & Pampa Sauvignon Blanc 

Argentina - 2016 

Chapadmalal - Buenos Aires 

12.5% ABV 

Tasting Notes

Tasting Note: Smart, well-defined Argentinian Sauvignon Blanc, herbaceous and citrussy, with a refreshing zap of lemon and lime.

Food Matching: Ideal with ceviche, lobster or fruits de mer.

Bottle information

Vineyard: The vineyards are located in Chapadmalal, Mar del Plata, Province of Buenos Aires. Vines are planted on clay loam soil, with petrocalcic horizon at 70 cm depth. The winery location is 6 kilometers from the sea, where the particular climate of the coast makes this land a unique place for the development of wines with marked oceanic influence.

Vinification: Hand harvested in boxes of 18 kg in the early hours of the morning, when still the sea breeze rests on the berries. Selection of balanced plants that provide medium-grained and high-concentration grapes. A cold skin maceration is performed for 24 hours. Then it goes through the pneumatic pressing and is broken. Fermentation in cold at 11 ° C for 15 days. It clarifies, stabilizes and filters and then is bottled. Stowage for three months.