Dailuaine Premier Barrel 10 Year Old

Dailuaine Premier Barrel 10 Year Old 

Douglas Laing Single Barrel

Single Malt Scotch Whisky

A fantastically Festive Speyside Malt

Bottle Information 

Distilled at Dailuaine Distillery 

Aged for 10 Glorious Years 

Drawn from a single Sherry puncheon 

1 of 602 decanters 

With great myrr(th), yule delight in this Christmas spirited Dailuaine: a real star! Traditionally, scintillatingly and satiatingly sherried, seek its swirl of syrupy sugarplum and supporting celestial spices - copiously crammed with ambrosially captivating candy, fabulously fructiferous fruitcake and a generous gusto of gingerbread... Welcome to this wistfully warm hearted wassail