Frost Pocket Sauvignon Blanc

Frost Pocket Sauvignon Blanc 

New Zealand 


13% ABV 

Tasting Notes

Tasting Note: New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc, green and fresh with lime and gooseberry, gentled by flavours of tropical fruit.

Food Matching: Try this with Asian fish dishes like scallops or prawns in spicy sauces such as thai green curries. Grilled squids or swordfish as well as goat cheese salads. It works well with herbs such as dill, basil and coriander.

Bottle Information 

Vineyard: All vines are cane pruned and on Vertical Shoot Positioning (VSP) trellises.

Vinification: Harvested over 7 - 10 different picks, we are looking for a range of flavours to blend. Minimum brix levels of 22 must be achieved to get the flavours we are after. Harvested from 1st April to 15th April, all harvesting is done in the cool of the night. Machine harvested and trucked to the winery within 90 minutes. All Sauvignon Blanc grapes are de-stemmed by the Machine harvster which has the latest in selective process technology. This results in fruit which still has some whole berry content once it hits the press. We use a gentle press regime to reduce phenolic pick up in the juice