Glen Moray 12 Year Old


Glen Moray aged 12 Glorious Years. 

Old Particular by Douglas Laing 

Single Malt Scotch Whisky drawn from one single barrel. 

Bottle Information 

Distilled - June 2008 

Bottled - August 2020 

Aged - 12 Years 

Cask Type - Refill Hogshead 

Cask Reference - DL14254

Cask Yield - 354 bottleS 

Bottled Strength - 48.4% ABV 

Natural colour & Non chilled Filtered 

Tasting Notes 

Nose: Round and fragrant with a malty, floral and freshly buttered toast style 

Palate: Rich demonstrates a maple syrup, vanilla, grist and crushed sugar structure

Finish: Subtly spiced, with soft white icing sugar and a creamy, milky malt backdrop. (FHL)