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I.J Mellis Antipasto Platter
I.J Mellis Antipasto Platter
I.J Mellis Antipasto Platter

I.J Mellis Antipasto Platter

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I.J Mellis Antipasto Platter

by The Strong Water Co.

With us bringing Chef Craig McKenzie on board he's bringing with him a wealth of his food & drink contacts. Our new Antipasto boards use meats and cheeses freshly cut from I.J Mellis to bring the best of the best when it comes to antipasto boards. 

Our boards come complete with 4 kinds of cheese, 4 types of meat, Perello Gordal Olives, Silverskin Pickled Onions, Cornichons, Membrillo (A quince jelly from Spain ), grapes, and Duncan's of Deeside Oatcakes.



Baron - A soft and buttery raw milk brie style cheese from Fen Farm Dairy in Sussex, England. Mild and creamy this is perfect with a sweet chutney or fruity condiment.

Auld Reekie - A cow’s milk cheese made by the cheesemakers of Cambus O’May. This two-day curd cheese is smoked over whisky barrel shaving and named after Scotland's capital, Edinburgh. A mild and fresh and creamy textured cheese with a mildly smokey back taste.

Stilton - Stilton is known as the King of Cheeses and when you taste Colston Bassett’s version you understand why. Creamy in texture, the blue is strong and salty while the cheese has a mellow and aromatic finish.
St Andrews Farmhouse Cheddar - A complex and interesting cow’s milk cheddar made by Jane at St Andrew's Farmhouse Cheese. A traditional truckle of cheese made with milk from their own herd of Holston Friesian cows. The truckle is coated in wax and aged for 12 months. Creamy in texture with a nutty and sweet flavor.


Parma Ham - A cured and salted classic prosciutto made in the hills of Langarhino, Italy.

Capacollo -  A cured and salted pork prosciutto/salami from Felino, Italy. Cut from the neck/shoulder of the pig so it has a bit more fat than usual which creates a nice sweet flavour.

Bresaola -  Salted beef that has been aged two or three months until it becomes hard and turns a dark red, almost purple color. Strong venison, meaty taste with a soft and supple texture.

Piccante - A pork salami made near Parma in Italy. A nice balanced flavour with a little kick from the chilies


  • Duncan's of Deeside Oatcakes
  • Perello Gordal Olives
  • Silverskin Pickled Onions
  • Cornichons
  • Membrillo ( Quince Jelly)
  • Grapes


Allergies - Milk, Lactose, Egg, Oatmeal, Wheat, Barley, Soya, Nuts