J Gow Fading Light Rum


J Gow Fading Light Rum


Chestnut cask-aged pure single rum. Pot still rum bottled at 43% Alc. Vol. Zero added sugar or colouring. Produced in Orkney, Scotland. Chestnut is more porous than oak, meaning the rum matures quicker.


This in turn balances out the slow maturation associated with our cold climate. The unique flavour profile of chestnut, coupled with long fermentation, creates an ultra-smooth rum. The pale golden colour lends itself perfectly to the name. Fading light – the glow of the sun that never truly sets in the summer, or the dying light of short winter days. Known locally as the grimleens, the eerie dusk in Orkney has inspired many tales of ghosts and spirits.

Tasting notes; Clean, bright, pale golden yellow colour. The nose is complex with estery notes of dried fruits, vanilla, cream, and spice. The palate is smooth and long with hints of nuts and spice on the finish. Perfect Serve Enjoy straight, on the rocks, or with lemonade. It works very well in a classic daiquiri or dry Manhattan.