Pinot Noir "Las Brisas Vineyard", Viña Leyda

Pinot Noir Las Brisas Vineyard, Viña Leyda 

Chile – 2018  

14% ABV  

Tasting Note: Fresh yet complex Pinot Noir, perfectly balancing juicy red cherries and raspberries with a subtle perfume of wild herbs. 

Food Matching: Excellent on its own or with lightly flavoured meat dishes 

Vineyard: Famed for being the most highly awarded cool climate coastal winery in Chile, and with Viviana Navarette at the helm (voted Chile's top winemaker), these are wines that are completely distinct from what we have come to expect from the country. The unique microclimate comes from both the proximity to the coast but also, the cooling nature of the Humboldt current. Where the central valley is hot and dry, Leyda is cool and wet and it is this specific climate that brings the wines the unique freshness and balance of acidity that you cannot find anywhere else in the world. Becuase of the unique expression and incredible quality, the winery soon had its own DO founded as D.O. Leyda Valley in 2001. The wines are born from two unique sites, El Granito, just 4Km from the sea and El Maiten at 12Km from the sea, bith with ancient granitic soild which lend a certain minerality to all the wines in the range 

Vinification: The grapes were hand harvested. After de-stemming, 30% of the grapes were not passed through crusher in order to keep some amount of whole grapes during cold maceration and the beginning of fermentation. The grapes were chilled to 10°C and remained in open stainless steel tanks for 6 days under anaerobic conditions before selected yeast inoculation. Fermentation occurred at 27-28°C for 7 days with a “punching down” regime of 3-4 times per day. The wine was racked into 2nd use French oak barrels and aged for 10 months.