Quinta do Crasto 2016 LBV

LBV Port, Quinta do Crasto

Portugal – 2016

20% ABV

Tasting Notes

Fine tannins form a trellis supporting wild blackberries and other wild fruit, while a waft of cacao supplies welcome savouriness and balance. 

Food Matching: LBV Ports are the ideal partner for a cheeseboard, chocolate dessert or even an intense Port wine reduction. Full flavoured cheeses such as a good farmhouse Cheddar or Red Leicester. A rich chocolate pot, or chocolate brownie accompanied with some red berries

Bottle Information

Vineyard: 2014 was a challenging year in the Douro, both for grape growing and winemaking. The viticultural year was characterized by a rigorous winter that delayed the start of the vines´ vegetative cycle. Mild temperatures during the spring and a long ripening period obliged us to wait for the correct level of ripeness of the grapes to begin the harvest. As a result, 2014 produced very interesting wines that stand out for their freshness and great bottle ageing potential.

Vinification: The grapes from old vines were taken to the winery in plastic boxes. On arrival in the winery they were rigorously inspected on a sorting table. The grapes with their stems were then slightly crushed and transferred to a traditional stone tank (“lagar”) where they were foot trodden. After this, the grape spirit was added to stop the fermentation and fortify the wine. Ageing 4 years in large oak vats (9000 litres). Bottled without fining or filtration; a light sediment may form in the bottle over time.