Remarkable Regional Malts Miniature Whisky Gift Pack


Remarkable Regional Malts Miniature Whisky Gift Pack

Douglas Laing's Remarkable Regional Malts are the ultimate distillation of Scotland's Malt Whisky regions; each bottling embodies the overarching characteristics of the region it is sourced from. If a Single Malt is a violin, a Blended Malt is an entire orchestra! Feeling indecisive?


1 x5cl " The Epicurean" Lowland Malt

1 x5cl " Timorous Beastie" Highland Malt

1 x5cl "Scallywag" Speyside Malt

1 x5cl " Rock Island" Island Malt

1 x5cl " Big Peat" Islay Malt

A whisky nosing glass and a Douglas Laing pen! 

This gift pack offers the chance to sample each Remarkable Regional Malt in miniature format PLUS enjoy a guided video tasting with  Douglas Laing Directors - Cara Laing and Chris Leggat - here!

Available in-store and online for local and national delivery.