Sea Shanty Premium Scottish Spiced Rum

Sea Shanty Premium Scottish Spiced Rum

70CL 37.5% ABV

"Folk songs and shanties are rooted in Scotland's maritime history and capture the true spirit of adventurous souls of truly unique characters. In celebration of these seafaring legends, we have crafted a Spiced Rum infused with botanicals and handpicked Tea for your enjoyment."

Infused and finished with naturally balanced botanicals, and like the tales and the shanties’ it celebrates, Sea Shanty Rum has a lovely freshness to it with a touch of warmth on the finish. Our rum is smooth, easy to drink, and can be enjoyed simply over ice or mixed in a cocktail.

"We aim to raise £10,000 for RNLI through the sale of Sea Shanty Rum

Ardent Spirits - creators of Sea Shanty Rum"

Available for both local and national delivery.