Whisky & Cheese Tasting with Douglas Laing & I.J Mellis


A Whisky & Cheese a Scottish Tour - Live Virtual Whisky Tasting with Douglas Laing & I.J Mellis Edinburgh. 

19th of March 2021 - 8 pm via Zoom

 The second of our virtual whisky tastings. Teaming up with our pals Jamie & Stuart at Douglas Laing Whisky along with Rory Mellis from I.J Mellis we'll be drinking a few drams and chatting cheese. How whisky matches with cheese, the joys of single cask whisky, regional differences, and much much more. 

 Joining Guy Finlayson of The Strong Water Co along with Jamie Williamson and Stuart Baxter of Douglas Laing and Rory Mellis of I.J Mellis Edinburgh. Enjoying 5 drams with some top-quality cheese from IJ Mellis in Edinburgh to play around with the flavour combinations! 


What's included?

The Douglas Laing Drams;

Douglas Laing is a third generation independently family business specialising in single cask whiskies. The whiskies they are bringing to the party are simply awesome expressions of the distilleries. Either highlighting the traditional distillery style of bringing something new to the table. 

Old Particular Ardmore 16 Year Old

Provenance Glen Moray 12 Year Old

Provenance Glenrothes 7 Year Old Sherry 

Timorous Beastie

Old Particular - a mystery dram from Douglas Laing! 


The pairing cheese;

I.J Mellis is again a family-owned business, just like Douglas Laing and The Strong Water Co. Son, Rory Mellis has select some of the finest cheeses from across Scotland out of their maturing rooms to pair up with the drams. 

Connage Gouda - Creamy-aged cows milk gouda from Inverness. 

Clava Brie - A creamy, mushroomy, and delicate cow's milk brie.
The Westray Wife - A mature washed rind cheese from the isle of Westray. This would be a good one as we mature the cheese ourselves in Edinburgh. A grassy and earthy flavour with a beautifully salty finish. This resembles an Alpine-style cheese such as Comte/gruyere.
Orkney Grimbister - Another Orkney cheese with qualities of a Wensyldale. Very fresh, citrusy, and creamy. It's very young so you get that beautiful curdy taste to it. 


Charcoal crackers

Douglas Laing Nosing Glass

Measuring pipet


Live tasting with Guy Finlayson of The Strong Water Co, Stuart Baxter, Jamie Williamson of Douglas Laing, and Rory Mellis of I.J Mellis Cheese. 

On delivery of the tasting, there will be details of the Zoom login to be able to access the tasting. 

All drams are at least 25ml. 


Available for both local and national delivery.

We recommend this is for one person, but can be suitable for more - you’ll just be getting less whisky and less cheese!