Wineybeest 2020 - Wild Beer Co.


Wild Beer Co Wineybeest 2020

Imperial Stout

Size: 750ml - ABV:11%

Tasting Notes


Introducing the 2020 iteration of Wineybeest! This beer has been aged in Burgundy Pinot Noir barrels for at least 12 months. The resulting beer has all the rich chocolate characters of Wildebeest but with a delicious vinous red wine acidity that adds layers of complexity to the finished beer. Affectionately dubbed Last of the Rum & Wine, the 2020 blend includes a beautiful rum barrel and a couple of longer-aged red wine barrels as well, to give the blend the balance and layers of flavour we are looking for. This has a long, rich & elegant imperial stout character with a pronounced red berry acidity.


Available in-store or online for local and national delivery.