Xeco Amontillado NV Xeco Sherry


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Xeco Amontillado NV Xeco Sherry 



18% ABV  

Tasting Note: A nutty, sweet bouquet, slightly reminiscent of toasted walnuts, caramel and raison. Complex and balanced palate of orange, roasted nuts, clove, sweet spices but with rich mouthfeel and expression. The taste lingers with intensity and satisfaction, dry but with subtle almond notes on the finish. 

Food Matching: Ideal with Iberico ham, aged Manchego, sautéed mushrooms or braised rabbit. 

Vineyard: Grown in the sunny and dry vineyards of Jerez. The soil is Albarizo. Palomino grape produces a dry, fairly neutral base wine, which is perfect for the fortification to 15% abv followed by a second fortification to 18% abv. 

Vinification: Once fortified to 15% abv the wine is aged in 500 litre American Oak barrels for three years. A layer of yeast 'flor' remains on the surface facilitating biological ageing. Then the second fortification to 18% abv kills the flor allowing a second period of ageing. This time the ageing is oxidative & lasts for over 4 years, resulting in exceptional nutty, raison & dried fruit notes in the wine. 

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