A Gin Update - We now stock Persie Gins Dog Range!

Dog Gin - Who'd have thought it? No not Gin for Dogs gins distilled with the botanicals relating to the behavior of Spaniels, Labourdors, and Dachshunds.

Persie Distillery is based in the foot Glenshee Valley and run by Simon Fairclough. 

Persie Distillery joined forces with PADS (Perthshire Abandoned Dogs Society) in 2018 as its dedicated charity partner with a commitment to support the team’s work in providing care and shelter for unwanted dogs. To support the charity, they released a series of ‘dog gins’ – Labrador, Spaniel, and Dachshund – where the breed is reflected in the gin! Best of all, for every bottle sold in our dog gin family, we donate £1 to PADS.

The Strong Water Co. is delighted to be able to stock these gins and support the cause along with Persie. We've got all three in stock, with tasters to smell and taste instore - they truely are amazing Scottish gins! 

Labrador Gin

Like the breed, Labrador Gin is traditional, mellow, soft in the mouth and warming. It is fresh and playful up front, then soft and warming once it settles.

What makes the gin traditional is bags of juniper on the nose. What makes it soft and warming is cardamom and coriander, which rise to the surface once you add tonic.

Suggested serve: light tonic or light lemonade, a slice of lemon and some torn mint.

labrador gin

Spaniel Gin

Like the breed, Spaniel Gin is spirited and spicy but very gentle. This gin has great warmth and intensity with a silky soft coating.

What makes the gin spicy is the use of mace and cinnamon as dominant botanicals. The gentle finish is down to bay leaves.

Suggested serve: full-fat tonic or ginger ale, plus a wedge of lime or a gherkin.

dog gin banchory



Dachshund Gin Liqueur

Our Dachshund expression is a lime gin liqueur. Just like the breed, it is the perfect balance of sweet and sharp! Bursting with zest, it has a long body and is best served short.

Suggested serve: On the rocks. Or add Champagne! Or greedy people can pour it over pancakes.

dog gin the strong water co


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