The River Dee Opening at Banchory Lodge - Fishing & Whisky in Banchory

1st of February 2020 – The River Dee is open again!

The first of February this year is not only our first day out of one thing its far more exciting to be the first day to get back into the river as we welcome tourists from around the world to enjoy our wonderful part of the world.

On a slightly damp, slightly unseasonably warm February morning Robson Green after a few words tossed a dram and threw a cast into the river to welcome in the new season. The River Dee trust continue their work to improve the habit of the valley in the hopes the river shall prosper in the years to come.

 Welcoming fisher from all over the world The Strong Water Co. Banchory has a drop to meet everyone’s desires. From a cigar after lunch to a dram in the evening we have it. Being the new whisky, wine, beer, gin, and cigar shop on Banchory’s famous high street we hope to provide for many years the brilliant tourism and economic boost that the River Dee brings to us.

Being a keen fisher himself Guy went down to celebrate its opening, trying to temp Robson up to explore beyond the river and finding out the excellent products and shops Banchory’s high street has to offer. We shall see if he comes, but we know he’ll be missing out if he doesn’t!

Here are a few classic drinks we suggest helping water the perfect day on the river. From catch the monster that’s always got away to the biggest fish ever or a day with nothing but spend in good company here what we suggest.

A dram/whisky:

Glendronach 12-Year-old.

This wonderful local whisky does a perfect job of a warming morning drop of a well-deserved whisky while the feet are up by the fire in the evening.


Gin Bothy Spey cast gin.

Be it enjoying a gin and tonic at lunch in the summer or something that you may require to drink a little stronger if things aren’t quite going your way this is the drop for you.


Fishing is all about traditions and legacies so in red wine we would lean towards the old-world section of the range may be a classic Bordeaux/Claret, an Amarone or Borolo we will have something to suit the needs.  

In white it would have to be the Domaine de Pierre Touraine, a classic Loire Sauvignon Blanc it is the perfect lunchtime tipple.


We would have to go for our favorite and something local again from Lost Loch Spirits Haroosh, a bramble honey and whisky liqueur it warms when it’s cold, shines we it’s a glory moment or is the soft hand on the back if things haven’t quite gone your way.

Robson Green The River Dee Fishing OpeningThe River Dee Fishing Opening - Whisky & Fishing Banchory

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