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When TicketCo TV client Henley Festival said it was looking to offer drinks packages to viewers of its live streams, UK Key Account manager Paul Carey knew just who to suggest.

Putting the popular Oxfordshire arts festival in touch with fellow TicketCo TV partner The Strong Water Co, the result was an arrangement benefitting both parties and offering value to viewers.

Henley Festival’s up-selling opportunity

This year’s Henley Festival cannot go ahead as usual due to Covid-19 restrictions, but a drive-in ‘car park party’ will run from July 7 to 11, ahead of its ‘Digital Edition’ with a selection of performances streamed live via TicketCo TV on Sunday, July 12.

Nick Mattingley, the chief executive of the charity-run event, said: “Henley Festival Digital Edition has a great line-up of acts such as Beverley Knight, Will Young, and Rory Bremner, with David Gower hosting, and we want people to be able to enjoy themselves.

“Offering drinks options with their ticket is part of the package and Paul Carey from TicketCo TV came up with the idea of introducing us to The Strong Water Co.”

A rapid partnership

Henley Festival and The Strong Water Co-created a compelling package to offer ticket buyers of the festival, via the TicketCo TV up-sell function on our digital ticketing platform.

“They were brilliant and moved quickly to offer us 10 options of quality wines and a couple of gins. They had clearly done their research into our event and knew what was required for us,” said Mr Mattingley.

“I think our audience want to be able to mark the occasion and, thanks to this opportunity, we are able to service them in that way. We are a charity and can’t run at a deficit for a year, so all income is very important.

“There aren’t many ticket providers who can offer a live stream platform and give us the ability to upsell like this. The current situation has given us the opportunity to test-run something new, and so far, so good.”

Adapt and thrive

The Strong Water Co is a physical and online drinks retailer based in Banchory, Aberdeenshire. It was founded by brothers Guy and Mungo Finlayson, who also runs beer and gin festivals using TicketCo’s cashless ticketing system.

Guy said: “Working with Henley Festival has been fantastic. Within two days of being connected through Paul everything was confirmed.

“We’ve never had a relationship with this event before, but we decided to do our research and come up with some options we thought worked well for the festival.

“I think we’ve been united by a desire to find a way to do things in the current situation. I think we share that willingness to adapt and overcome and try new things.

A growing business

The Strong Water Co has invested heavily in its online operation since the Covid-19 lockdown began and has increased staff from two to six as drinks orders have poured in.

Guy said: “We aren’t looking to make knee-jerk reactions to the current situation, we are looking at how we can adapt for the long term. I think teaming up with Henley Festival is really interesting and hopefully it’s the start of a partnership.”

TicketCo connections

Guy praised TicketCo TV’s willingness to bring businesses together for making this project possible.

He said: “It’s not just about being ticketing and live streaming platform, it’s about a willingness of the people at TicketCo to connect other people.

“If ever TicketCo TV feels two people should be connected it just gets done. They will pick up the phone and just make it happen.”

Sharing the joy

TicketCo TV’s Paul Carey said: “We work with some of the most innovative and talented businesses in the events industry, and it’s an absolute pleasure to see two of them join forces.

“When Henley Festival mentioned they were looking for a drinks partner I knew The Strong Water Co could be a good fit, and it’s clear both parties have a shared ethos and have made something work quickly.

“Turning live-streamed events into a real occasion in your own home is a growing trend in the UK and our up-selling opportunities can really enhance those moments.”

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