Ardnamurchan Single Malt


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Ardnamurchan Distillery - First Release 

The distillery produces two signature styles of spirit, one peated and one unpeated. We designed the distillery to produce a full flavoured malt true to its location (West Highland). The single malt will comprise a 50/50 split of peated and unpeated whiskies, matured in a 65%/35% mixture of ex-Bourbon and ex-Sherry oak casks. The tasting notes includes; honeycomb, waxy peel, oyster shells, brine, strawberries with black pepper and bonfire embers.

Ahead of the launch, Ardnamurchan Managing Director, Alex Bruce said “When we filled the first spirit into casks, just over 6 years ago, the concept of being able to disgorge those casks into bottles seemed very distant. However, we have had an incredible journey, building our 100% local team, filling the warehouses with over 10,000 casks and preparing national and international distribution. We relied on the unique local maturation climate to do the rest, and are really excited by the quality and consistency that has been reached.”

Ardnamurchan is the first Scottish distillery to adopt the use of blockchain technology to provide an incorruptible ledger of its complete supply and production chain. This ledger is available to the consumer by scanning the QR code on the bottle, and offers a fully transparent diary of each bottle’s field to bottle journey.

Due to its remote location, Ardnamurchan was built to develop and fully utilise a local circular economy. The entire heat and power requirements are supplied by renewable sources within 2 miles of the distillery: hydro electricity from the river that also supplies its cooling water, and wood chip for its biomass boiler, delivered by tractor from nearby sustainable forestry.

The Ardnamurchan peninsula is a rugged and timeless volcanic (extinct) outcrop, the most westerly mainland point of the UK, flanked by coral sands, turquoise sea, and some of the oldest rain forest in Europe.

Arriving by single-track road, visitors to the area are immediately won over by the beauty and proximity to nature, with red deer, sea eagles, otters and pine martens making regular appearances.

100% recycled carton

65% Ex Bourbon cask / 35% Sherry cask
50/50 Split Peated & Unpeated

Unchill filtered Natural Colour 46.8% abv

This is test, the secondary market of whisky is ruining the primary drinking market of new and exciting releases such as this. Years have gone into producing a whisky to be enjoy and shared. Not thrown in a cupboard to never be seen again. Whisky is for drinking & this is a stunt.

If someone does decide that this is worth this money... the order will be refunded and to celebrate the fact whisky is for drinking we'll decant the bottle into miniatures and give it away for free!