Calvados Sassy Fine

Calvados Sassy Fine

ABV 40% Vol

Format 70cl


Vegan friendly

Tasting Notes

Colour Light gold with shades of brandy.

Nose Fresh aromas of acidulous apples.

Mouthfeel Green apple, white fower, high vivacity, tonic, fresh attack.

Bottle Information


We are distilling a young fruity cider (1 to 3 months) and using a column still to distil which will give the eau de vie a fresh, clean fruit taste. We distil 10,000L cider a day on the copper still, which runs 24/7 to give continuity to the taste. We keep 30% of the last year eau de vie in barrels, and on the last assemblage before bottling we add 70% of the new eau de vie to the 30% (perpetual solera system).


Aged in oak casks for a minimum of 2 years. The aging process starts in small oak barrels (300L) to bring structure to the eau-de-vie and then transferred in barrels up to 2000L. We are using old barrels (40 to 80 years) about to run out of tannins to highlight the fruit. We move the eau de vie twice a year and transfer it in different barrels which sometimes previously contained Pommeau which highlights the fruitiness of the eau de vie. This process of changing barrels will oxygenate the eau-de-vie for a smoother mouthfeel experience.