Esker Honeyspiced


40% ABV

Esker Spirits - Kincardine o’Neil, Deeside

Esker Spirits is Royal Deeside’s first gin distillery and was founded in October 2015 by husband and wife Steve and Lynne Duthie. Having started their vision on a 1 litre still in the kitchen the operation quickly moved to the garden shed. By the end of 2016 demand lead to the need for a larger distillery and a bigger still and so they moved onto the Kincardine Estate, where they now distill and bottle their gins on site.

Using the same base recipe the guys at Esker have then used local honey and a secret mix of spices to create this beaut. Nutmeg and clove lead the way which then are taken over by the smooth sweetness of the honey which leaves a well balanced gin. - 50cl

Garnish with a slab of orange

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