Ogilvy Scottish Potato Vodka

Ogilvy Scottish Potato Vodka

70cl / 40% ABV

From field to bottle, Ogilvy is the full package. Farming their own potatoes in their wonderful corner of Angus near Glamis castle they create this effortlessly smooth vodka. Forget what you’ve tried before this is the standard that you should be looking to. Outstanding 

Tasting Notes


Warm aromas tinged with fresh apricots and citrus fruit, green grass, and walnuts.


Smooth warmth of potato spirit, a sweet, creamy character with fruity esters, a hint of toffee, and green pasture notes. Clean, balanced, a rich mouthfeel imbued with the mineral wealth of local land and water.


A long, lush finish with black pepper, earthy charcoal, and a wee whisper of citrus.