Live with Terroir Sonoro from Chile - A virtual wine tasting with The Strong Water Co.

Live with Terroir Sonoro from Chile - A virtual wine tasting with The Strong Water Co.

9th of October @ 20:00 - Live from Zoom

Link to follow.

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The price includes 3 bottles of wine and the virtual tasting from Chile.

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£61.95 for national delivery.

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The Wines

2018 El Cerruco Moscatel, Terroir Sonoro

"Tasting Note: Chilean Moscatel, dry yet highly aromatic, full of flowers, musk and light notes of honey, with a flick of bitterness on the finish."

NV Ni Tinto ni Tanto País Blend, Terroir Sonoro

"Tasting Note: Fruity, approachable young red, rustic and spicy, offering a mouthful of red cherries and tangy redcurrants."

2015 Tartufo Malbec,Terroir Sonoro

"Tasting Note: Malbec from Chile's Bio-Bio Valley, with a wild, foresty aroma and flavours of black fruit, wild cherry and an indigenous berry called Maquí."


After the success of our first virtual wine tasting, we've been working hard to bring you our next which we hope will be something a little special and we think we may have just found it. Coming in live from the Terroir Sonoro Winery in Chile to bring you some epic wines and a few toe-tappers to go with. 

"Music and wine are spontaneously related in everyday life, basically because both are experiences related to pleasure and stimulation of the senses. It is common to enjoy music while drinking a glass of wine. At some point, we wondered if there was a more direct and intimate relationship between music and wine. The answer is sonorous terroir."

"In 2011, the vibration of the barrels when subjected to music made Juan Jośe Ledesma, winemaker of Viñas Ineditas reflect on the effect that vibration would have on the wine. After an exhaustive investigation of the documented effects on the aging and improvement of wines when subjected to various types of vibrations, it was decided to test the effect of music on wines in their aging period. The foundation for agrarian innovation decided to co-finance this innovation project in 2012."

Terroir sonoro is an innovation project of Viñas Ineditas in the Biobio region, Chile.


It is a differentiation, aging and marketing strategy for the wines of the Biobio region, Chile"

Listen to the vinyards music;

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