The Tasting Room - Banchory's newest gin, wine and whisky tasting basement

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Happy New Year everyone!

Firstly apologies as we've been pretty quiet over the last few weeks on the blog.  December was a very busy month for us opening the shop and blogging got left behind a little bit.  However, we are back now and wanted to give you some updates on what you can expect to see happening at Banchory's drink shop The Strong Water Co. the place to go for gin, beer, wine, rum, cider, whisky in Banchory.

Did anyone know that we have a pretty cool basement area here at 78 High Street?

Well if you didn't, you do now! 

We are looking to develop the space into a similar vibe as the upstairs shop space to be able to host a variety of tasting evenings. We'll be hosting a range of gin, whisky and wine tastings throughout 2020. Thoughts are also in the pipeline to develop a wine club, a gin club and a whisky club for Banchory - we'd love to hear your thoughts on this! 

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1 comment

  • Lizzie

    This sounds rad! Cannot wait!!!

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